• Audit current legislation in relation to case law and jurisprudence to streamline and amend legislation that is outdated or contradictory.

  • Set parameters for governorships and executive official roles in the Executive Branch.

  • Enact regulations imposing on state duties to more effectively handle city affairs, especially in large urban centers like New York City.

  • Provide a criteria for Congress to provide swift relief to those affected by natural disasters, pandemics and other national emergencies.

  • Deter criminal behavior by raising individual morale and ethics through national community building in social programs that identify at-risk individuals and stops them from becoming criminals.

  • Reform policing and police practices that plagues America to prevent and remedy the shooting and killing of unarmed African-American men.

  • Reform immigration laws that fairly treat those seeking entry into the United States of America that in effect reduces the number of illegal immigrants because it regulates immigration without criminalizing it.

  • Provide global governance reform and enact foreign policy to reduce immigration that creates an atmosphere for collaboration with other nations, particularly Mexico, Central and South America, to reduce corruption and bad government that causes immigration to the United States.

  • Deal with racial differences in our society, deal with gaps in education, deal with gaps in wages/employment opportunities, deal with gaps in overall quality of life and deal with disparity in housing.

  • Break the glass ceiling in America for all without sacrificing the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of others in America 

  • Handle and address counter-racism in America to prevent White Americans from being discriminated and oppressed by minorities.

  • Eliminate sexism in America without oppressing and marginalizing others in society.

  • Enact legislation for American infrastructure that unites the various states effectively allowing for swift travel at no cost.

  • Bring back manufacturing to America that in effect creates more American jobs. 

  • Hone in on national security with a global humanitarian perspective that eliminates terrorism.

  • Support our military by enacting legislation that ensures effective combat and upon return to the United States benefits for them.

  • Secure second amendment rights to bear arms to protect ourselves and each other from danger.


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